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Fragments from the Editors’ Note–Thinking (Through Circus) Together–A Book Giveaway

In times of climate catastrophe, refugee crises and Covid-19, the question of the responsibility that artists and scholars have is becoming increasingly urgent. What is the role of circus within society? How far does this form of art and entertainment correlate with historical and contemporary social interests? How does circus research position itself as a relevant field of research within academia in the 21st century? Those questions will be explored within the series Adventures in Circus Research–Facing a New Decade, curated by academic Dr. Franziska Trapp. By featuring circus researchers, we give them the space to explain the nature and significance of their research directly to the circus community and to highlight the practical impact of their research on the circus world and its relevance for society.
In this second article of the series, the four researchers Bauke Lievens, Quintijn Ketels, Sebastian Kann and Vincent Focquet, who collaborated on the research project The Circus Dialogues,  share with us fragments from the editor’s note of their new book Thinking Through Circus: If we understand circus as an embodied thinking practice, what does it think? And how can circus as embodied thinking open up space to act? Thinking starts from what they call a certain charme, a spark that lights up between people, turning them into friends. This friendship is not based on sharing the same ideas, but instead inheres in and a...
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Bauke Lievens

Bauke Lievens studied Theatre Studies at UGent and Philosophy of Contemporary Art at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. She is a lecturer and researcher at the Drama department of KASK School of Arts in Ghent, where she is currently working on the two-year artistic research project The Circus Dialogues. As a freelance dramaturg, Bauke works with various circus, dance and theatre companies such as Un Loup pour l’Homme and Floor Van Leeuwen (Schwalbe), among others. Since 2015, she has also been making her own work, creating ANECKXANDER (2015) and Raphaël (2017) – both with Alexander Vantournhout. Bauke has published two books on artistic research in circus and is part of the editorial board of Rekto: Verso.