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How to Make a Show That Walks the Walk-An International Touring Talk Panel

In the circus community, touring is commonly known as a very difficult thing to plan and then to execute. That’s why a group of aspiring touring artists convened in a small conference room in the back of a theater to drink up the wisdom of artists and programmers who havemade it on the road. The multi-room theater, Stage 773 had been transformed into a festival ground for 10 days in June for Physical Theater Festival Chicago, an annual physical theatre festival that programs cutting edge international and domestic physical theater shows. 

The Chicago Physical Theater Festival began through the Artistic Associate program at Links Hall in the summer of 2014. As their website says, Alice da Cunha and Marc Frost “were inspired to start a new festival to promote a more progressive, fresh and physical approach to theater-making in Chicago.” The sixth edition of the festival was also working on pushing the industry forward by holding a space for conversation and the sharing of industry knowledge by holding this panel (along with a short program of other workshops) titled International Touring Talk. The panel was hosted by Marc Frost, co-artistic director of the Festival, who led the discussion and asked the tough questions.  Why should an artist tour? What might a company hope to gain from a tour?  All of the panelists agreed that each artist...

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Fiona Bradley

As an artist, Fiona Bradley hopes to use circus as a platform to discuss social issues, to create inspiration and to fulfill their own need for connection. Fiona's current home is in Chicago. They are the social media and community manager for CircusTalk as well as a founding member of Semi-Circus and ensemble member in Aura Curiatlas. They received a Certificate IV in Circus Arts from the National Institute of Circus Arts in Australia and they continue their education where ever they go. As well as being a performer, Fiona is interested in circus management. They would like to connect people in the circus world (as well as outside of the circus world) and create an open and empowering community for everyone who is interested! This is one of the reasons they work as the social media and community manager for CircusTalk.