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May Circus Festival Roundup

Each month Circus Talk will scour the globe to report on the hundreds of circus-based festivals and conferences that occur worldwide and provide a roundup highlighting the month’s best, most interesting and most exciting events. What better month to begin than May, the month when circuses traditionally unfurl their tents and begin their big top tours? This month we focus on two very different festivals and a conference to showcase the rich diversity that is the global circus scene today.
Clowns What: London Clown Festival Where: London, England When: May 11th-21st Skrimshanks–appearing at the London Clown Festival this May. The London Clown Festival is the perfect harbinger of the resurgence of the clown and of physical theater. Only in its 2nd year, but having no lack of shows, the festival explores the modern concepts of clown thru physical the...
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Kim Campbell

Kim Campbell has written about circus for CircusTalk.News, Spectacle magazine, Circus Now, Circus Promoters and was a resident for Circus Stories, Le Cirque Vu Par with En Piste in 2015 at the Montreal Completement Cirque Festival. They are the former editor of CircusTalk.News, American Circus Educators magazine, as well as a staff writer for the web publication Third Coast Review, where they write about circus, theatre, arts and culture. Kim is a member of the American Theater Critics Association.