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Mexico’s Changing Circus Landscape: Visit to Periplo International Circus Festival

The 6th Edition of the International Circus Movement’s Festival Periplo concluded recently with a splendid three-week circus celebration that attests the rise of Guadalajara City in Mexico as a promising circus center. From July 9th to the 29th 2018, the festival’s program featured dazzling circus coded in contemporary registers. Per the festival tradition, a line-up of international, national and local circus talents was featured at the festival. This year’s special guests, Wes Peden (U.S.), Florence Huet (France), Aimé Morales (Venezuela), and Gabriela Muñoz (Mexico) amazed and delighted audiences of a city increasingly captivated by contemporary circus performance. Acting locally but with national impact, Festival Periplo is part and parcel of a circus revival in Mexico that reflects global trends. More than twice the size of last year, this edition had around 4,500 attendees. There were seven shows at six different venues, such as Foro Periplo, the Laboratorio de Arte Variedades (LARVA), and the Conjunto de Artes Escénicas (CAE), among others. Special events complemented the festival’s public program with film screenings, conferences, an electro-juggling-party, the IJA national juggling competition, and also included the arrival of “Nautilus,” an itinerant circus library that docked and opened doors at different points across the city. Always on time and schedule, Festival Periplo has carried on with this vibrant and rich circus celebration, proving substantial organizational expertise, and reaffirming its vital mission as a cultural promoter of the circus arts at local grounds.
Festival Periplo was founded in 2013 by its current Executive Director, Juan Mendez and its Coordinator, Cynthia Delgadillo, who gathered around a group of young people passionate for both practicing circus and working towards its professionalization. From inception, Festival Periplo set a clear goal: positioning the circus arts in the city’s cultural landscape. In an interview, Juan Mendez recounted that only a few years ago, contemporary circus in Mexico had little support and lacked official recognition from both cultural agencies and academic institutions. The circus community members in Guadalajara relied on one another to nurture its own growth and to open vital spaces for circus training, creation and performance. Festival Periplo was born out of this spirit of collaboration. As an organization...
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Roy Gomez

Roy Gomez Cruz is a PhD Candidate in Performance Studies at Northwestern University in Chicago, U.S. His research ethnographically approaches contemporary circus communities across Canada, the United States and Mexico to examine the relationship between circus performance, artistic labor and professional identity. Currently, he is working with circus artists and collectives across national borders to create cultural platforms of collaboration and produce creative content. He also combines music creation and artistic performance with an active involvement with circus thinking, arts management and strategic communication. Roy Gomez Cruz es candidato a doctorado en Estudios de Performance en la Northwestern University en Chicago, EE. UU. Su investigación aborda etnográficamente a las comunidades de circo contemporáneas de Canadá, Estados Unidos y México para examinar la relación entre la escena circense , el trabajo artístico y la identidad profesional. Actualmente, está trabajando con artistas y colectivos de circo nacionales e internacionales para crear plataformas culturales de colaboración y producir contenido creativo.Roy combina la creación musical y la actuación artística con laa participación activa en el pensamiento circense, la gestión artística y la comunicación estratégica.