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Our New Podcast Circus Voices Launches with Book Kennison’s See U Down the Road Series

Book Kennison
Zoë Kennison

CircusTalk is about to launch its podcast Circus Voices. We will kick off the podcast with podcaster, juggler/musician Book Kennison and his sister Zoë Kennison, Midnight Circus Program coordinator and podcast series co-producer. The new series is called See U Down the Road–a podcast in which Book’s minimalist and understated style as interviewer makes itself evident (he lets the guest do most of the storytelling) and in which his original music compositions create a vibe conducive to listening.

Book describes the idea behind the podcast as being one of exploring moments of transformation in the life of the circus artist. Stay tuned for his first podcast interview with Elliana Grace Hentoff-Killian, the youngest human cannonball to date!

Circus Podcasting Network

In addition to producing Circus Voices, CircusTalk plans to act as a circus podcasting network, hosting multiple podcast series about circus (more details on who and what soon). So if you or someone you know has a circus-based podcast they would like to run on Circus Voices or to have hosted on the network, please contact us for information on how to get started! Our podcasts can be found on CircusTalk.news/podcast as well as where other fine podcasts are downloaded.

Circus Voices PODCAST will be available on:
Apple Podcasts
Google Podcasts

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Kim Campbell

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