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The Secret Life of Clowns by Jeff Raz: Part Storytelling, Part Curriculum—All Heart

I don’t know if it’s ever been said that a clown is the heart of circus, but it sure rings true. It seems a clown’s job is not only to move an audience toward laughter but also to represent the humanity of circus and project that for us to be reminded of our own. Circus artists can be not only strong acrobats, graceful dancers, quick jugglers, and smart magicians but also vulnerable people like you and I. Empathy—this is perhaps what clowns help us feel, that although we are each unique, we actually are not so different from one another.
Jeff Raz. Photo courtesy of Stuart Locklear Jeff Raz is a master clown teacher and performer. So when I heard he had written a book on clowning, I thought it must contain not just an entertaining look into a clown’s life but also valuable insights on the sap of life that flows deep in all of us. Besides having founded the San Francisco Clown Conservatory, which he directed for 10 years, Jeff has performed with Cirque du Soleil, The Pickle Family Circus, Vaudeville Nouveau, and Make*A*Circus. Jeff is the Bay Area Casting Partner for Cirque du Soleil, the Artistic Director of the Medic...
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Samantha Cosentino Baker

Samantha Cosentino Baker writes and edits from the San Francisco Bay Area​ and Europe​. She studied creative writing, performed hula, ​taught English, ​and eventually joined ​the ​circus​ world​.