Against All Odds--A Circus Success Story

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Against All Odds–A Circus Success Story

If you can spare me a moment of your time, I’d be honoured to share my journey with you all since taking up aerial arts.
Where It Began Since I was little, I’ve been absolutely fascinated with acrobats, contortionists, trapeze artists, dancers, you name it! So when I found out that a small studio (Body Couture Cheshire) was opening up in my hometown, it took me back to that time and I couldn’t wait to enroll in their silks and lyra course. It was January of 2018, and I was 25 when I began to train circus for the first time. ...
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Natasha Ghanimeh

Natasha Ghanimeh (it sounds a little like “panini” but replace the P with a G, and the second N with an M). is a child of 1993. She grew up on the likes of Dragon Ball Z, Sailor Moon and CardCaptors. She adores Marvel and DC comics/cinematics. Basically she says she has been taught from a young age that anyone can fly and is proud to say that through aerial arts, she can do just that. When she’s not hanging upside down, she is a secretary for a Forensics company in Manchester. In the world of circus, her discipline is hoop, but she is also a student in silks and pole, and has dabbled in straps and trapeze as well as “not-so-gracefully” tumbling on her head during acro-balance sessions.