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American Circus Educators Launches Circus Arts Safety Recognition Program

The American Circus Educators Association has developed programs to help circus studios standardize their safety policies and procedures.
The popularity of circus arts education in the United States is on the rise. More and more musical artists, television shows, and movies with circus elements are catching the public eye. From flying trapeze and other aerial skills to Cyr wheel, Americans are becoming more aware of the circus arts, of how accessible they really are to learn, and of how much fun and exercise folks can have while participating. Circus arts are serious fun, though. As with all physical activities, accidents and mishaps can unfortunately be part of the experience. Within the last year, there have been several incidents in the performance world that have been scary and even fatal. With the growth of the educational aspect of the industry on the rise, how can circus educators operate to ensure that they are protecting their students, staff, businesses, and themselves? A few years ago, that question was posed by a group of concerned voices at the American Youth Circus Organization’s Edu...
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James “JBird” Gibson

James “JBird” Gibson is program director and co-founder of Circus of Hope and was the rig manager at Trapeze Austin, both in Austin, Texas, USA. He was also assistant director, lead instructor, staff trainer, and rig manager at Trapeze Club of New Paltz and at España-Streb Trapeze Academy in New Paltz and New York, New York, USA, respectively. He has also worked for Trapeze Experience and Club Med.