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Behind the Scenes at Mullum Circus Festival With Ciara Thorburn

Mullum Circus Festival is an exciting 3 day event in Mullumbimby, on the east coast of Australia near the Gold Coast. The festival is packed full of Australian circus talent, with workshops all day, and performances all night. At the 2017 festival from September 29 to October 1st, there were opportunities to see incredible shows by companies like Casus, One Fell Swoop, Trash Test Dummies, Jugg Life, Poncho Circus and many more. There were also the opportunity to take workshops from artists such as handbalancer and acrobat Alex Mizzen, acrobatics duo Annalise Moore & André Augustus, acrobat Chris Carlos, members of Casus, Byron Hutton & Joe Fisher of Jugg Life.
I had the chance to speak with Ciara Thorburn, an Australian circus artist and student at the National Institute of CircusArts (NICA) and former classmate of mine there. Ciara went to Mullum Circus Festival to perform, teach workshops, see performances and attend workshops from other artists. Before we hear from Ciara, let’s learn a little bit about the history of the festival! A Short History of Mullum Circus Festival The festival started as The National Circus Festival by a clown and magician named Tony Rook. Each year, Australian street performers and circus artists would make a pilgrimage to a private part of the bush in beautiful Tasmania for the festival before it relocated to Mullumbimby. As the website says: “Each year, as word spread of this unusual, eccentric gathering o...
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Fiona Bradley

As an artist, Fiona Bradley hopes to use circus as a platform to discuss social issues, to create inspiration and to fulfill their own need for connection. Fiona's current home is in Chicago. They are the social media and community manager for CircusTalk as well as a founding member of Semi-Circus and ensemble member in Aura Curiatlas. They received a Certificate IV in Circus Arts from the National Institute of Circus Arts in Australia and they continue their education where ever they go. As well as being a performer, Fiona is interested in circus management. They would like to connect people in the circus world (as well as outside of the circus world) and create an open and empowering community for everyone who is interested! This is one of the reasons they work as the social media and community manager for CircusTalk.