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“Gorgeous,” a New Circus Short Film by Veronica Blair

Even though the 2022 Circus International Film Festival is still two months away, circus films have already started to roll out this year. Released at the beginning of January on YouTube, Gorgeous, a moving short, transports us through the “wings” of straps into a love story.  Deon Fox and Cuream Jackson’s brave and authentic piece opens us up to the vulnerability and experience of life, art, love and creation as a BIPOC and LGBTQ artist. Cuream, who is also the producer of the project, has said that he slowly learned how to tell stories with his body and apparatus alone. “It also provided me with a means to produce an act that stirred specific emotions and complex feelings, creating – what I hope – to be a more lasting impact on the audience. It became clear to me that I belonged in this space and would continue to thrive if I made art that was true to me. I am a queer, Black artist of color with a story to share.”
Cuream invited Veronica Blair to this project as the Artistic Director. They both had started making short circus films over the past two years, so when the invitation came, Veronica was ready to jump right in. “Cuream’s work is honest, extremely candid and full of potential,” affirmed Blair. I recently had a chance to chat with both of the creators and was curious to learn more about Beyond Melanin, their new production company, and what opportunities this company may bring in the future to this art form. ...
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Andrea Honis

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