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Books That Speak to Us: Announcing Morgan Anderson’s New Book Review Series

Seeking new circus books to read and came up empty? Let writer-scholar-juggler Morgan Anderson help you build out your reading list this year through her book review series.
Diligent readers among us may already have completed the five books on Morgan Anderson’s back-to-circus-school essentials reading list… but, luckily, she has us covered! Even between finishing her Ph.D. in Theater and Performance Studies at York University, working with Cirkus Syd, and maintaining an active YouTube channel, Morgan always keeps an eye out for new reading material. Throughout the rest of 2023, she will pop onto video several times to share with us four more key titles for circus-hungry readers to sink their teeth into. Whether you’re an artist, scholar, or keen circus enthusiast, Morgan’s book picks will leave you feeling both satisfied and inspired, and her well-honed critical eye will teach you how to narrow in on the books that perfectly satiate all your reading tastes. But where to begin? ...
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