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Connecting Circus Arts and Dance in Training

With the popularity of inter-disciplinary shows on the rise, it is common for circus shows to incorporate more dance  and theater. But is it also common for dancers to experience opportunities to develop and display circus skills in performance? Perhaps not yet, but opportunities for dancers with skills beyond pure dance technique have been growing as this trend of mixed discipline shows takes root. One of the leading ballet schools in New York City, the Joffrey Ballet School, is embarking on a new adventure to offer such opportunities to their dancers. A new experimental one-week intensive in Las Vegas aims to inspire and cultivate dancers’ curiosity into the world of circus arts.  The program’s artistic directors Maximilien Baud and Matthew Prescott are joined by Tiffany Baker, the dance supervisor from the Cirque du Soleil Michael Jackson One show.  We had a chance to sit down with Mr.Prescott and ask him about the program.
CircusTalk: Tell us about how this new initiative was born. Why is it important for the Joffrey Ballet School to reach out to circus or was it circus that reached out to the school? Matthew Prescott: The program was inspired by our time last summer in Las Vegas at JBS jazz and contemporary summer intensive. During this intensive we had the Dance Supervisor from the Cirque de Soleil Michael Jackson ONE  show, Tiffany Baker, work with the dancers to have an intimate experience with the show. Just like we do in the musical theater programs here in NYC and London we try to give the dancers an opportunity to really relate to the shows they are studying. After we had all seen MJ ONE and seeing how the students responded to the sho...
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Andrea Honis

Andrea, Founder of CircusTalk, is a fifth-generation member of the Hungarian Eötvös-Picard circus family. Prior to CircusTalk, she worked in advertising and performing arts management. Before starting the CircusTalk project she was Assistant Producer at Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts’s family series “Reel to Real” in New York City. Andrea holds a BA in Business Administration and an MFA in Performing Arts Management.