Join Us World Circus Day with CircusTalk Online April 18th

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Join Us for World Circus Day with CircusTalk Online, Saturday April 18th

You are invited to celebrate World Circus Day with CircusTalk online. Sadly, due to coronavirus travel restrictions around the world, the World Circus Federation had to cancel the live circus performances and gatherings for this annual circus holiday, but we wanted to offer this online event as a way to stay connected during World Circus Day on Saturday, April 18th. So on World Circus Day 2020, we celebrate separately…yet together! Come early, as space is limited, and there may be some surprise guests.
How does it work? The event will be taking place on Zoom where we will be recording everyone doing their safe, home-adapted circus skills live with famous ringmaster, Johnathan Lee Iverson, to guide the way. There will be opportunities to share your messages of hope as well as the challenges you have experienced while circusing from home. What we are looking for First and foremost, SAFETY! Show us your new trick! Perform that act you’ve been developing, or tell Johnathan an inspirational message you’d like to share with the circus community. The Details To join in, check out the login and timing details on Circ...
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