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Returning to Circus and Aerial Training After COVID-19 Quarantine

Who was your pandemic circus self? Many of us found that our love for circus training had to change during the pandemic, and we became different versions of our circus-selves. Are you the aerialist who turned to hand balancing? The wire walker who learned to be a contortionist? The once-a-week-studio-visitor who became the take-every-Zoom-class-around-the-world-at-any-hour-because-you-can? Or the regular devotee or professional who became the holy-moly-I-have-enough-to-handle-and-my training-hasn’t-been-a-priority? Whatever you became, we’ll all face challenges as we return to what we did before. The most important thing to remember is that we’re all in the same boat. None of us are going back to the same activities, at the same levels, that we did before. Our bodies have ALL been under different stresses for the past few months. There are the psychological stresses of current events, and the activity-related fear of “losing”...

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Emily Scherb

Emily Scherb is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and Educator. She is the Author of Applied Anatomy of Aerial Arts and a former professional aerialist and forever enthusiast. Performing Arts Medicine specialist. Emily's blog is

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