Time to Network & Share: ARTCENA, Circostrada and CIRCa Co-organize FRESH CIRCUS #5 at CIRCA Festival 2019  - CircusTalk

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Time to Network & Share: ARTCENA, Circostrada and CIRCa Co-organize FRESH CIRCUS #5 at CIRCA Festival 2019 

Every other year, ARTCENA (The French National Centre for Circus, Street Arts and Theatre) and  Circostrada host FRESH CIRCUS, followed by a year of hosting FRESH STREET (its twin for street arts) in a new location in Europe. In its 5th iteration this year, FRESH CIRCUS is the International Seminar for the Development of Circus Arts and it’s taking place at CIRCA’scontemporary circus festival in Auch, France from October 22nd-24th, 2019. The CIRCa Festival(Festival du Cirque Actuel) itself is in its 32nd edition and ready to welcome the influx of FRESH CIRCUS participating professionals who will be on hand to attend shows, workshops and networking events. But what is the impetus behind FRESH CIRCUS and what type of activities do they offer to augment the CIRCA Festival this year? We spoke to ARTCENA’s international communication officer, Laura Gérard, to find out. Gérard holds a BA in Translation. After a first MA in European Studies completed in Germany, she decided to specialize in intercultural communication and project management and graduated with a Masters from the University Paris III Sorbonne-Nouvelle. She has been working at Circostrada since 2017.
Kim Campbell: In what ways does FRESH CIRCUS benefit an emerging company, a programmer or a cultural administrator differently? Is it created to reach all these folks equally? ARTCENA’s international communication officer, Laura Gérard Laura Gérard: FRESH CIRCUS benefits each of its audiences differently because it makes a unique and not-to-be-missed event that is its inclusive and has an international approach. The programme of the seminar is built in such a way that it offers cont...
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