Behind the Back Pirouette Cigar Box Juggling Tutorial

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Behind the Back Pirouette Cigar Box Juggling Tutorial with Barcode’s Eric Bates

One positive thing that the coronavirus pandemic isolation has given performers is the gift of time to focus on special projects. This time is being used by many high-skilled professional artists to not only give back and share their skills, but also to broaden their skills base in new areas, as is the case with Barcode Circus Company‘s Eric Bates who shares his cigar box juggling skills in his latest tutorial video, all while exploring and sharpening his video editing skills.
Bates says on his Facebook page, “I’m proud of this one. It seems silly to put so much work into these videos, playing the whole social media game, but one of the benefits of this quarantine is that we have the time to do silly things, to follow interests that don’t always get the time we wish we could put towards them.” Circus artists have a head start in some ways, being inherent risk-takers, but even so, Bates notes “I feel self-conscious putting all this effort into cheesy, eye-catching thumbnail art and goofy effects on my videos; maybe my taste will refine one day, but for now it cracks me up and I’m ok with that. I’m learning a ton about photoshop and final cut, and I get to give back to both the cigar box community and the youtube community. I’ve learned so much from both of them and from videos like this one, all for free, so I hope these tutorials serve to pay it forward to other people who are trying to learn something cool in their...
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