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Epicirq 2023: Heading Towards Diversity in Baltic Circus

From its introduction to the region into the present, Baltic contemporary circus has been changing forms and taking on new means of physical expression. Reviewer Greta Vilnele reviews some of the storytelling that was on display at the 2023 Epicirq showcase.
It has been around two decades since contemporary circus first appeared in the Baltic region. And from the looks of the 4th Baltic contemporary circus showcase Epicirq, organized in Tallinn, Estonia, every second year, this recent field in the region has grown just enough to be labeled as distinct and captivating in the context of Europe. Since the Baltics were associated only with traditional travelling circuses just a little while back, there was no common ground on which for contemporary circus to develop. As a consequence, this region has an outstanding style that is hard to define. So I am not going to try to...
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Greta Vilnelė

Greta Vilnelėis is a Lithuanian freelance performing arts and cinema critic who started writing about contemporary circus because it has it all- the element of surprise, and universal physical language like no one else.