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Frequently Asked Questions: Auditioning for a Circus School

The first time I auditioned for École nationale de cirque, I had only hung from stall bars a mere handful of times. I didn’t even know that you were supposed to do leg-lifts on them.  Looking back, I wish that I had asked friends who had already auditioned what to expect during the audition process.
Before I embark on an overview of all the questions I get asked as the audition dates for L’École de cirque de Québec (ECQ) and École nationale de cirque (ENC) approach, let me give you a brief background of my schooling. I attended the New England Center for Circus Arts (NECCA) for their Intensive year in 2013-2014. I auditioned for ECQ and ENC in both 2013 and 2014; in 2014 I was accepted to ECQ for their three-year DEE Program. Since graduating, I have traveled to Stockholm, France, and Copenhagen, training at (but not attending) various schools in those cities. Hence, my responses will be focused around the Québécoise s...
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Zoe Zou Stasko

Performer, Writer USA/CANADA Born in Portland, Oregon, Zoe Zou Stasko graduated from L'École de cirque de Québec in 2017. She majored in aerial straps and minored in handbalancing. When not training, she can be found reading science fiction, singing to herself, or writing blog posts for her blog Cirquespiration, found at