In Center Ring - Episode 30: The Cast of The Crown

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In Center Ring – Episode 30: The Cast of The Crown

In Center Ring Presents the cast of The Crown. The much anticipated short film, featuring an all star ensemble of circus artists and women. In this episode the cast of The Crown and its producer, Veronica Blair, who also produced the acclaimed Uncle Junior Project, detail their respective ventures into the world of the circus, as celebrated artists and Black women. Each gives an account of the inspiration and mission behind their artistry, specifically their featured act in The Crown. They speak candidly about the liberty of owning one’s femininity, specifically as Black women and what it means to express themselves fully, through their respective crafts and various mediums. Veronica and the cast ...
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Johnathan L. Iverson

Johnathan is the Chairman of the Board at Omnium: A Bold New Circus. An accomplished and celebrated showman of circus and stage, as well as, a much in demand motivational speaker. He contributes regularly to CircusTalk and is the creator & host of the YouTube series, In Center Ring.