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Inside the Circus International Film Fest: a Sneak Peek Behind the Curtains

Whether you are new to the idea of bringing a live art form onto video or are an avid watcher of all circus films, you have probably wondered: what makes a great film stand out from the competition? In this exclusive message, the team behind the Circus International Film Festival reveals the work that goes into evaluating circus films… and how to judge them for yourself.
As we enter our third year of showcasing circus films from around the world, our small international team of volunteers stays true to our original goal of honoring circus through the medium of film and video. We work tirelessly throughout the year to coordinate all aspects of the film festival, connecting through group chats and frequent Zoom calls. We have enjoyed watching the Circus International Film Festival (CIFF) grow and evolve as we continue to wow the circus community with the incredible films we showcase each year. In this exclusive look behind the scenes of film fest production, we invite you to enter our world. As a festival, we are passionate about creating opportunities and fostering diversity within the growing circus filmmaking community. We often distribute fee waivers to those in need to eliminate financial barriers. In the past three years, we have presented films from six continents and 32 countries to an audience of over 175 viewers. Our filmmakers hail ...
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Circus International Film Festival

Circus International Film Festival started in 2021, born out of a worldwide pandemic and a hunger for creative expression​. Our founder, a filmmaker and circus artist, realized the need for a film festival dedicated to circus, after years of submitting my circus films to film festivals under the Music Video, Dance, or Experimental categories. CIFF exists for circus artists and filmmakers alike. We are here to support and honor bringing the art of circus to the medium of film.