Off Stage: Circus and Act Transitions with Denis Lock

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Off Stage: Circus and Act Transitions with Denis Lock

“Off Stage” is a 3-part, written series for the circus performer pursuing interests outside of the performing arts, or “off stage.” Our host and author for the series is performer, choreographer, and writerElena Suárez Pariente. The series presents three interviews between Elena and her guests as they offer personal stories and advice on pursuing passions parallel to circus performance. The topics here include pursuing a degree, starting and running a business, and turning a hobby into a lucrative side job.

In this final segment of CircusTalk’s Original Series, “Off Stage,” I’ll be talking about a topic that’s a little different from the first two, but equally important and demanding. Funnily enough, I’ll be exploring “on stage” transitions, the development of new acts while performing the main discipline in parallel, and taking risks within this transition. Let me introduce to you my next guest, Denis Lock, better known as “the bubble man.”

Circus bubble act performer Denis Lock onstage. He wears a pinstriped three-piece suit and bowler hat and blows bubbles out of a pipe or straw
Denis Lock


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Elena Suarez Pariente

Elena Suárez Pariente is an artist, journalist and barre coach from Spain. She was the original ballerina from the show Volta by Cirque du Soleil, and currently performs a hair hanging solo act in Spiegelworld’s Opium in Las Vegas, US. Elena has experience as a dancer, actress and hair hanger, and also studied journalism in Madrid. She is passionate about art, culture and sharing other people's stories.