A Selfie Won’t Do: Finding the Right Circus Photographer

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When a Selfie Won’t Do: How to Find the Right Circus Photographer

In our visual world, one of the best ways to promote your talents and yourself is through photography. Used properly, strong images can tell a story of you as a person and as a performer, often making an impact on potential employers, clients, and audiences before they have read anything related to your education or experience. Despite advances in personal technology and everyone’s love of a good selfie, investing time and money in a professional photoshoot with an experienced photographer is going to pay dividends in the long term.
The photographer Kala Lowson setting up for a photoshoot Kala Lowson began experimenting in the world of photography in the summer of 2016. She honed her craft like many photographers do, by getting out there and taking lots and lots of pictures. When she returned home she would explore the different ways she could fine-tune those images through editing. Around the same time, she began her circus training. Naturally, she became interested in photographing her peers. Lowson then founded ...
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Jackie Houghton

Jackie Houghton is a recreational circus performer, elementary school teacher, and freelance writer. When she is not teaching visual arts to school children, Jackie dreams about running away with the circus, but until then she is happy to write about it. She has been the exclusive writer for Femmes du Feu's Circus Sessions residency program for the past two years, and has also written for Circus Talk and American Circus Educators magazine.