2022 Circus Ring of Fame Induction Ceremony Now Available on Video

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The Full Length Show of The 2022 Circus Ring of Fame Induction Ceremony Now on Video

The Circus Ring Of Fame Foundation recognizes those persons who have made a significant contribution to the art and culture of the circus over the span of a career. It is equal parts the Academy Awards, lifetime achievement, and Hollywood Walk of Fame for the circus arts. Located in Sarasota, Florida, USA, at beautiful St. Armands Circle, the “Ring”  has over 150 inductee plaques with biographies. The 2022 induction ceremony recently took place and was captured on video for distribution to the worldwide circus arts community. The Circus Ring Of Fame Foundation is proud to partner with Circus Talk for the official premiere of the video on March 9, 2022.

The 2022 Circus Ring of Fame inductees are:

  1. Galaxy Girl, Tina Winn,  a seventh-generation extreme aerialist who performs dazzling gymnastic routines at heights of up to 130 feet in the air. Tina Winn has been performing for multiple decades and began her training in the circus arts as a child with her family.
  2. Nik Wallenda, King of the High Wire, has crisscrossed the globe with never-before-seen, death-defying acts. As a direct descendent of the original Wallenda troupe headed by patriarch Karl Wallenda, Nik carries on multiple decades of his family tradition of spectacular aerial artistry and daring thrills.
  3. George Carden is a prominent multi-decade circus producer headquartered in Missouri who has raised millions of dollars for charitable causes through the work of his circus and sponsoring organizations.
  4. Willie Edelston,  as the 1941 National YMCA Ring Champion, had a love for performing. He signed with Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus as a trapeze artist and continued this work for multiple decades on numerous shows. For more than 50 years, Willie volunteered at the Sailor Circus. Hundreds of students have benefited from his coaching. He taught flying trapeze, rings, tumbling, and hand-balancing.
  5. The Richter/Casselly Families are two of Europe’s premier multi-generational circus families, best known for their incredible artistic productions. The Richter/Casselly families began performing as young children. They have won multiple awards at the Monte Carlo International Circus Festival, Budapest Circus Festival, and many others.
  6. The Advance Professionals are a first-ever class induction, honoring the group responsible for the business of the show. Within the group, four areas of expertise are being honored: tour booking, press relations, promotion, and creative advertising.


The Full length show of the 2022 Circus Ring of Fame Induction Ceremony is now available!

Nominations for the class of 2023 are now open!

To nominate a candidate please visit our website, www.circusringoffame.org, and click on INDUCTEES,
then click on NOMINATE A CANDIDATE and download the SUBMISSION FORM.
Return the completed form to [email protected] with any supporting photos, video links, and articles of the candidate.



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