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Circo Criollo’s School

A fresh stop in Argentina led the Está Pasando project’s Miguel Manzano to a school that for four decades has helped Latin American circus spread everywhere from its own neighborhood to the most illustrious theatres of Buenos Aires. This is the story of Circo Criollo: the art, the school, and the family and artists who helped make it iconic.
Está Pasando continues its adventure of mapping the Latin American circus. It’s been almost a year since we began this journey, always with the support of CircusTalk. In this year, we’ve encountered many artists, companies, festivals, spaces, and circus events in South America. If you want to learn more about our project, you can check out the posts on our CircusTalk profile. This time, I’m going to tell you a story about the origins of the new South American circus, about how the circus was the foundational stone of Argentine national theater, and about the family that, forty years ago, decided to share the secrets of the circus by founding the first circus school in South America in Buenos Aires: Circo Criollo School. If you’ve read any of my articles, you’ll already know that I love to go off on tangents, so I’m going to...
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Miguel Manzano

Miguel Manzano is an architect, illustrator, cultural manager and trainer of social circus trainers expert in acrobatics, member of the Spanish Federation of Socio-educational Circus Schools (FEECSE); designer of circus scenographies; founder and former academic director of the Latin American School of Circus and Arts in Jalisco (ELCIRCA). Coordinator of the process of official recognition of circus training in Spain. He is currently working on the project Está Pasando, in which he is mapping circus communities in South America.