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Circus–It’s Been a Year! 2020–Seeking Words & Videos of Support and Hope from Circus World for the New Year

Looking back on circus in 2020 might be a bit scary. We have been through so much since nearly all shows and tours halted in March of this year due to the pandemic. Not only circus shows halted, but in most cases, training circus and creating it stopped too. This left circus makers without access to their art form, their income and in many cases also their social life. We want to know how this impacted you and what your hopes and plans are for 2021. And let’s face it, we all need a morale boost right now, so let’s connect via a fun project for the New Year!
As the pandemic rolls towards 2021, it is a good time to take stock, to asses where you are at and what you will aim for next. Perhaps one small solace is that you are not alone in this! Around the world, as artists, directors and organizations attempt to readjust, reinvent, reorganize and reimagine how circus will live on in 2021, we seek connection, understanding, support and hope in the circus sector. Join us in a group project to express your message of hope, your plans and supportive messages to your colleagues near and far. Show us how you adapted, explain your dream for change in the coming year, and tell us how you still circus every damn day! To join in the project, send us: Your short video (20 to 40 seconds long, shot in horizontal mode) A short, hopeful text/quote from you or piece of good news about circus Include your name, circus discipline, location, and any affiliation you wish to share Deadli...
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