Proud Supporters of EPIC and the Performing Arts

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Proud Supporters of EPIC, the Performing Arts Conference

We were proud to be a session sponsor at the Entertainment & Performing Arts Industry Conference (EPIC), the largest-ever online gathering of professionals from our industry. Held over a 24-hour period from January 10 to 11, 2022, the virtual event discussed topics in panels that fell under four pillars: CREATE, DESIGN, PERFORM & PRODUCE. It brought in a collection of artists, directors, performers, technicians, producers, designers, writers, and more from all over the globe, crossing the Americas, EMEA, Africa, and Asia-Pacific. The circus arts were represented at the conference by Gilles Ste-Croix, Gypsy Snider, Pavel Kotov, Matthew Jessner, Boris Verkhovsky, and more. ...
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