Rose Alice: Interview With A Rogue Ballerina And Choreographer

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Rose Alice: Interview With A Rogue Ballerina And Choreographer

Rose Alice is an award-winning Rogue Ballerina and Choreographer who cites dance as being her absolute purpose in life. Her career has taken her to stages around the world, including the Palais Garnier, the Royal Opera House, the Lincoln Centre, Royal Albert Hall, Radio City Music Hall, the Sydney Opera House, and more. Rose has also worked extensively on film, which she finds very rewarding. Thus far in, her eclectic, debilitating, rewarding, terrifying, and unexplainably beautiful journey has broken, built, and birthed the artist and human being that Rose Alice is today, and is the reason behind her resilience, grit and staying power. In this article, she talks to us all about her fascinating career and upcoming collaborations and gives us an insight into the creation of her upcoming documentary series.
Michelle Sciarrotta (MS): Hi Rose Alice, thanks for talking with us at TheatreArtLife! How are you doing, and how are you finding getting ‘back to normal’ after the pandemic? Rose Alice (RA): Thank you so much for having me! It really is a humbling privilege to speak with you and share a bit of my heart and soul with your audience. I am in a bit of a creative hole with immortal-level tunnel vision at the moment—I think, coming out of the pandemic, I have to almost remember to breathe and take a beat every now and then, because there is all of this built-up creativity, and also a subconscious need to make up for lost time. I feel so grateful to have life back, though I guess that is a bit of a clichĂ© [to say], but when the ability to do my craft was taken away, it almost verified the fact that is not a job; it is absolutely a purpose in life and the reason I exist, which is an overwhelmingly beautiful and confronting thing. MS...
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