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Berlin Circus Festival 2019: Two Perspectives 

The fifth Berlin Circus Festival took place between August 23 and September 1st. It is a trip that starts at Tempelhof park, an airport until 2008 but now a public park reclaimed as public space and loved by Berliners. Imagine getting there on a sunny day, and feeling the joy of seeing two circus tents and an open air stage in this 386-hectare open space!
Viewpoint of the Organizers  The Berlin Circus Festival’s outside stage Since the first edition, the audience at Berlin Circus Festival has been growing, this year reaching 9000 people. I asked Farina  Berndt, Press and Production manager of the Festival, if this growth is due to the popularity of the Festival or the popularity of contemporary circus in Berlin. She replied,“Both. I think that nowadays the contemporary circus is really hip and more people go to see circus shows and also the festival creates a really nice atmosphere. It’s not a place where you only go and see a show and then you leave ag...
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Irene Pepe

Irene Pepe is a photographer and communications manager in love with circus. She currently works as AdSales communications manager for CircusTalk and sometimes as a writer. Originally from Italy, she lived in NYC, Malta, the Netherlands and in some other places in Europe before moving to Budapest, where she is based. Her love for circus started in Turin thanks to the vivid contemporary circus scene of the city, where she also started working as a photographer and communications consultant for circus companies.